If 3 horizontal is a triptych, what’s 4 vertical? – A Technical Sampler…

A black and white template was provided, with the sole colour stipulation being that the lines in the 2nd panel down be black. This assignment is to emphasise some problem areas:


I think these include  – getting slanting edges smooth  and straight (means having to vary the stepping), keeping curves curving, making sure that crossovers meet on the other side, keeping points pointy – while at the same time creating a harmonious colour composition. The end result is quite pleasing. Got some interesting calligraphic effects in that second panel down!

Historical exercise off the loom!

My little pseudo-coptic piece is now off the loom:

submerged coptics

This is the first assignment of second year at SWTafe – a reproduction of a segment of a historical tapestry.

Now while there is a lot I like about this piece, there is also a lot that went wrong, and I will comment on this in detail later.