Words after long silence

I seem to have got caught up in various local busynesses and family catastrophes lately and ignored the blog.  So – moving backwards – my current assignment is the last of the Drawing Techniques group, though being demented, I am doing it before the previous one, which is full-figure drawing. The final is to produce three designs of tapestries to be used as gifts for visiting diplomats(!), on  several Ozzie themes.

1 – Here is my take on the savannah:


This was   derived in steps by enhancing a photo and then pixellating part of it:




 2 The second design is The Reef – done straight as a drawing:


3 and finally – a floral theme – based on a drawing I have posted previously – the Kuranda Railway Station’s plants on steroids – but this time  without the steam engine!


These pieces still have a lot of work to do – they are to be presented framed, in a portfolio, with artist’s statements and a development trail of notes and preliminary sketches and drawings. Phew!


The last tapestry I completed  was for the so-called ‘Environmental tapestry’. assignment. Here again I used a drawing I had done in the north – this was about A5 size:

cl tropicana

 and translated into a tapestry of about 46 x 30 cm:



The last assignment for this year is completely open. I am planning my largest piece to date. It will be about 44 x 59 cm. Currently the loom is warped up, I have set leashes (also for the first time), and the floor and waste are in and the cartoon is marked up. This piece will let me work on letters for the first time too. The design is fairly bland – it is a meditative wall hanging called a ‘shiviti’ – with the lettering in Hebrew:


I am still considering the colour scheme – the legend says that the letters are written in ‘black fire’ – but I don’t know about that.

Enough for now!

Plan for miniature tapestry

I am doing the tapestry work for the second year of the Diploma a little out of sequence (with the agreement of the flexible staff at SWTafe). My next piece will be the Miniature Tapestry – and here is the plan:

pitcher and pot

Planned size app 21 1/2 cm x 16 1/2 cm, 10/11 epi.

Featuring outlining, pick and pick and both diagonal and horizontal stripes.

Possibly a mite ambitious.

Here comes 2013. A Happy and Productive New Year to everyone.

A new start coming for this blog!

But all previous material still available in the tabs above – see you soon.

In the meantime, this is an idea for the Aus/NZ upcoming 20 x 20 tapestry competition “from the mountains to the sea.”

The photo is of a  20 x 20 colour pencil plus medium on canvas, possibly for entry to the  “Life Aquatic” exhibition in February at Foster, South Gippsland (two birds with one stone?):

mountains to sea2