The Far North



Beach Trees                                                                                                            Strangler Vine

beach trees                                 strangler

A View through a Window

Again a part of the drawing assignments for the tapestry course. This one began as a rough doodle as a foundation for a drawing, but decided to become the main drawing itself. A bit cheeky really seeing as it’s done in 10 cent shop kid’s colour markers! Actually I was very surprised at the possibilities with this stuff – though range of colours and colour mixing is a problem. This particular set had 18 colours:

Thru the window

I was interested in trying to convey looking through a mesh curtain – and to some extent succeeded. Also featured – my half finished so-called Technical Sampler, seen on the loom made from the head and feet pieces of a bed.

Markers of  a ‘reputable’, professional standard are used all the time by graphic artists and designers. The solvents used vary. Some, as in the example above, do not penetrate very deeply into the ground. Others, xylene and alcohol based, do sink to the other side. I did a mock-up drawing in Zig marker for the kitchen object still-life assignent. The ink sank and gave a view from the rear-side that I find very attractive, It is of course a  reversed image:

reversed teapot

This is not the submitted image. The requirement was for mass to be indicated with hatching techniques, so:


Here again I have had a bit of an experiment – wanted to see if I could have a hard-edged drawing which still suggested mass.