Selections from first four weeks at life.drawingJCU

This arvo on the beach

Practice on loom and on paper

With Cresside Collette at her intermediate workshop at the Australian Tapestry Workshop on 13 and 14 June:

I bit off a bit more than I could chew on this one – in my haste to get a full 20×15 cm done in two days I made a number of errors. There are several instances of jumped warps and I probably spent too much effort on the blue and green soumak ‘whip-lashes’. But overall I am pleased to have got some decent colour gradation going on, which was the focus of the workshop. Thanks, Cresside!

With Julie Mcenerny at her Watercolour Pencil Botanic Drawing workshop at the Cairns Botanic Gardens on 1 July:

Not quite A3 size, this drawing of jackfruit again a bit too large to let me get it to an adequate state in the five hours available – I had to skimp on the smaller fruit and the buds. Next time I’ve got to remember to keep the scale small.

Untutored life-drawing group meeting at James Cook University, 27 June:

Not really competition for Henry Moore!

Life-drawing group, 4 July:

Ok for a quickie.

A folded bean-stuffed heat bag – capturing the texture:

… with one eye on the TV!

Drawing Figures from Life

Sometimes I just fluke it….



Both on A2 paper, original figures about 42 cm high. Right hand one is ink over soft pencil underlay – a 100 minute study;  left hand one a twenty minute quicky  in charcoal pencil.

Back to the Drawing Board

It’s a bit of a load, this second year in the Tapestry Diploma. Four subjects – More weaving of course, and also history, understanding colour, and drawing. Plus the funny little literacy add 0n that one does on line, and the dyeing that is a left over from last year. Hmm. Almost panicking. I need drawing practice, and found a local art group that meets just down the hill – a twenty minute walk.

And today I put my toe back in the water after several years away from drawing:

buddha head

buddha folds

buddha etc

Here comes 2013. A Happy and Productive New Year to everyone.

A new start coming for this blog!

But all previous material still available in the tabs above – see you soon.

In the meantime, this is an idea for the Aus/NZ upcoming 20 x 20 tapestry competition “from the mountains to the sea.”

The photo is of a  20 x 20 colour pencil plus medium on canvas, possibly for entry to the  “Life Aquatic” exhibition in February at Foster, South Gippsland (two birds with one stone?):

mountains to sea2