New material from Phoenix Rescue Mission – Palmer 2

A previous post (under ‘Digital’) published an aerial view of Prednyi Solonyi found in the archive of Rescue Mission Palmer 1. This was the image:

06-first landscape

We now have an image of one of the oldest buildings in the colony, the Old Krankenhaus, or hospital:

krankenhausPrednyi Solonyi was the first settlement established on Teitelbaum 5, known as Phoenix (Teitelbaum = date palm, Latin Phoenix dactylifera.)

The Old Krankenhaus was built by Dr Ernst Loebe entirely from local materials. Loebe also established the faience works, and tiled the hospital roof with the rare red-tinted tiles, and finished the outer wall with the commoner blue-green in the coping work.

This drawing was in the archive brought back by recovery vehicle Palmer 2. It can be dated fairly accurately as the sky colour is typical of the middle stage of the second major solar flare (Teitelbaum Event TF 17.) The artist (or cartoonist if you like) was evidently a member of one of the dissident groups opposing roboticisation. This can be seen from his lampooning robotic servitors as ‘tin men’, and in the wry notices on the outer wall.

The drawing gives a good impression of the ubiquitous nitro-converters. These were originally torus-shaped when installed in the fields. However when it was decided to put them within the built-up areas they had to contend with the overhead wiring. The inverted crescent shape was designed to accomodate this, and turned out to be more efficient than the original torus.

The kerb-stones in the drawing are clearly Sick Rocks from the first quarry opened. The radiation danger from these when used in the construction of buildings was not realised initially. After the ban on their use for housing they were still often used in kerbing and for field fencing.

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Franklyn Russo

Librarian, Palmer 2 Recovery Material.

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