Triptych Terminated

The final item of the triptych is now complete- it’s something a bit different:


This is SO not me – but wow, was it interesting to do – I really dislike the notion of transposing a painting into tapestry, yet the attempts to get gradations of colour by adding or subtracting a single thread  in a mixed yarn, and the endeavour to keep edges fuzzy (not always successful) was a fascinating exercise. Here is Bruno Leti’s original:


and this is the complete ensemble:


On reflection I can see that this task was pretty carefully chosen to illustrate a whole series of technical problems. The Miro gave a basically simple black and white image on which was superimposed a confusing network of coloured lines. The Picasso gave a series of hard-edged geometric blocs of graduated greys (admittedly with a dash of added pink – which I ignored), and Bruno Leti obviously delights in liquid fusions of colour. Three styles. Three different sets  of problems to solve – and all while juggling with threads of different thicknesses and different tensile strengths – breaks became quite common!

And now there will be a pause in posts of several weeks while I get a bit more organised and catch up on reading – books, and the incredibly useful information on the blogs I list at the side here.

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