Hullo 2014!

People like me who didn’t heed the warnings and used to light up at every opportunity (I was even known to do a set of tai-chih with a cigarette dangling from my lips) – well, some of us got zapped in the end. COPD. Me, I tend to lose six to eight weeks every 18 months or two years – first a slight cough, then treat it at home, and then when that doesn’t work it’s often too late for my GP to do anything.  “This time,” she said, “we’ll do it with bells and sirens.” So the ambulance it was. Ten nights with the drips in… and then the long period coming down off the steroids (the ones that don’t let you sleep and turn you manic – the first time I had them I went out and bought six phones – but that’s another story.)  Impossible to concentrate or do anything constructive.

So EVERYTHING goes on hold.  No tapestry assignments, media posts, anything. And of course I still had an assignment to finish – so it’s been a rush to catch up so I can take the assignment down to tapestry ‘summer camp’ at Warrnambool in another week. The weaving was finished an hour ago, and now there  is the tidying the back, sewing slits, and the dreaded braiding. Anyway, here it is, still on the loom:


In the old days, some observant Jews would have a wall hanging on the eastern wall of a room (the wall that was turned towards Jerusalem.) These were called a mizrach – the word means ‘east’. There were several types of mizrach. The one I have made is called a shiviti, from the first word of its text. In some houses they were purely a traditional decoration (which still had some mystical power), and in others they were used as objects of meditation.

The weaving was very interesting to do – because of the lettering and also the long curves. My tapestry teacher at SWTafe said that lettering is usually woven on the side – and a second reason for the side weave was those curves…  The actual design is a bit obvious or banal (God’s name against a bckground of flame and lightning) and  the colour scheme is not particularly successful (looks better on screen than in real life). I did base the lettering on a  General Public License font that is royalty free. I learnt that next time the lettering must be measured out on the cartoon and marked on the warps with greater accuracy than I achieved in this effort.

Next post will hopefully have something about the ‘summer camp’ – signing off till then!

5 thoughts on “Hullo 2014!

  1. Thanks for those comments Linda and Mary. The lettering was quite fascinating to do – certainly the most difficult challenge so far in my weaving. The hardest bits were where the background immediately behind the lettering was both multi-coloured and needed aligning on either side of the lettering.

  2. I always love seeing middle eastern lettering as its so beautiful and I cant wait for an excuse to weave some. I never have a clue what it means, but it always feels like the meaning is not that far away and maybe is somehow embedded in the nonverbal rhythm. Perhaps you felt something of the same. An interesting weaving challenge and you certainly captured the energy of the lettering for me.
    Slowing down the assignments seems to catch up on most of us eventually.

  3. Misha, not being Jewish, and unable to read the text, it doesn’t look at all banal to me. Well done on finishing it in spite of the health issues. Hope you are able to fend off more episodes.

  4. Thanks Glennis. I was interested in your printmaking – I’m hoping to do that unit this year in addition to the BIG 3600 sq cm tapestry…

  5. Wow Misha, your tapestry is fantastis, well done. I am glad you are back on the air. I have done little blogging since I did my Body of Work assignment last year. Must get back into it.

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