Underway at last

My “shiviti” piece which I posted the cartoon of in my last entry is at last underway – though it’s going to be submitted as a ‘small’ tapestry, it’s the biggest I’ve done so far – 18 x 24 inches, say 59 x 46 cm, 12/12 warp at 9 epi, unmixed yarn – knitting wools both natural and viscose:


So far, so good – apart from one  broken warp and probaly too much white!  Anyway, it’s going to keep me quite busy over the summer break.

4 thoughts on “Underway at last

  1. Yes, it’s going well, Mary. I hope I can keep it up. Am currently losing time in hospital with an asthma attack – very frustrating.
    These are all part of the second year SWTafe assignments by the way.

    I hope to be more participatory in group in 2014 – and a belated Merry Xmas and Happy New Year to you!

  2. What a lot of things you are doing! I love the bamboo one especially. And the curves in the ‘shiviti’ one are gorgeous, sort of languorous and restful.

  3. Thanks Michelle – I got a ‘late pass’ for my last assignment of second year – ‘a small tapestry’ and have probably bitten off a very large mouthfull…

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