Colour Studies

One chunk of the Tapestry Diploma course is devoted to the  principles of colour usage. Rather than posting a blow-by-blow update on this, I’ll just put up  the final set of exercises before I have separated them out and mounted them with identifying comments:

colour studies2

In no particular order, in this last assignment there are exercises including complementary colours, complementary greys, and dyads, triads and tetrads. It was rather fun playing about with poster colour (sshh – not real gouache.)

5 thoughts on “Colour Studies

  1. I found that using a heavier medium like poster colour, instead of watercolour or coloured pencil, seemed to give me a much greater freedom – possibly also because one was working on a larger scale.

  2. Not gouache – how dreadful! Doing my textile course recently was the first time I had ever used gouache and one of my teachers gave me a backhanded compliment at the end of my colour course by saying that I could nearly get even painting! But I had come a long way and took it as the praise it was. I think my love of illusions was enhanced by doing the colour course, seeing how things recede and come forward (protrude?) just by use of colour.

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