Mini tapestry major catastrophe

And this is what happened:


I’ll use the curate’s egg again  for this one – good in parts. However overall lacks focus, and is absurdly careless in some areas.

Errors include using varying yarn thicknesses without making warp corrections and  misjudging compatibility of textures ( not colours, but ‘finish’). The change in weft thickness resulted in my discovering the ‘swallowed warp’ phenomenon – anyone else found this one? – essentially, when the weft is too thick for the warps, an empty  warp between two adjacent colour blocks will get pushed backwards and vanish. I believe one can vary weft thicknesses by bunching warps together and then one could revert to the previous sett after a row of twining or soumak. Anyway, more thoughts on this later possibly.

9 thoughts on “Mini tapestry major catastrophe

  1. Ok, maybe a few changes would be good, but there’s a terrific energy here, and as a viewer, I feel happy seeing it. You may decide to work on technique, but never, I hope, in such a way that you lose the enthusiasm you so clearly have. Yes, I weave, yes I am constantly taking out areas and redoing parts, but if I had the natural liveliness you have, I’d be happier with my output.
    Best of luck with your work.
    Judith Rosenberg

  2. Marion and Stephenie (who commented on the initial design) : – you have both addressed an issue I have not yet mentioned. My comments so far have been on the several egregious technical errors and the confused mixture of weft thicknesses in my interpretation of the design.

    However the design itrself is far too busy for a small piece as Stephenie noted. So yes, Marion the design looks ok – but not for a small scale piece… far too fussy on both sides of the blue column, and that makes it very difficult to ‘read’ what is happening.

    Also the colour choices in the interpretation are not good – the blue is too vapid, and the hues in the several segments of the table behind that blue seem to blur together and do not stand forward of the rear table.

    Much for me to think about.

    Thank you both for useful input.

  3. Strange really, I looked back at your design and it seemed very appropraite. However somewhere in the translation to tapestry the “focus” of the work seems to have disappeared. Not sure if there is a “trick” to this or just experience, but I remain very interested to learn.

  4. I think when Vera says 1×1 she means a single warp, and 2×2 means you treat 2 adjacent warps as a single warp, and go under and over 2 at a time. I think you must bind the two warps together – if not you probably end up with a twill effect.

  5. I have had similar problems with disappearing warp, it happened in my last piece, the spiral shell. I used silk for the warp wrapping, which was different from all the other yarns I had used. It was thicker and I didn’t do it properly anyway, so the warps disappeared.
    I don’t quite understand what Vera is saying – what is a 1×1 and a 2×2 warp?

  6. Vera, those are my comments – this piece has not been evaluated by the course yet – but it will be… Your practice is what I had in mind when I wrote of bunching warps together. Thanks for your interest.

    Janette – sometimes I think I try to swallow too much in one gulp – but then the resulting indigestion does make me sit back and try to analyse what’s happened, so yes, I have learnt quite a bit on this one!

  7. Misha, I have to applaud your bold get in there and get after it approach. Every tapestry involves a learning process, at least it still does for me, and you have learned a lot with this one. I suspect that your next one will show you just how much.

  8. Misha, is that the comment you got from your course?
    Personally I always use 2 x2 warp (instead of 1 x 1 warp) when my weft is thick and I want to use it for texture. I change straight to 1×1 woven on top of it as the denser weave will keep the softer weave in place. Just something to try out 🙂

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