Plan for miniature tapestry

I am doing the tapestry work for the second year of the Diploma a little out of sequence (with the agreement of the flexible staff at SWTafe). My next piece will be the Miniature Tapestry – and here is the plan:

pitcher and pot

Planned size app 21 1/2 cm x 16 1/2 cm, 10/11 epi.

Featuring outlining, pick and pick and both diagonal and horizontal stripes.

Possibly a mite ambitious.

2 thoughts on “Plan for miniature tapestry

  1. Stephenie – thanks for this. Please look at my comment on the finished piece for a response to your perceptive remarks.

  2. Hi Misha, I have been looking at this design and the proposed dimensions. I believe your design would have worked better on a larger scale and with larger areas of simplified colour.If you look at the coptic historical weaving you did for your historical assignment you will notice that there are larger areas of negative (plain) spaces.

    I think maybe your post relating to the finished weaving relate back to this design stage. I have made the mistake in the past of my designs being too busy, both in design and multi-coloured areas. Less is more particularly in the smaller sized works.

    I love your raw approach to self-critique. With each weaving you will be one step closer to knowing what you want because you know what you don’t want, and the design stage may be the key to getting there.

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