Here comes 2013. A Happy and Productive New Year to everyone.

A new start coming for this blog!

But all previous material still available in the tabs above – see you soon.

In the meantime, this is an idea for the Aus/NZ upcoming 20 x 20 tapestry competition “from the mountains to the sea.”

The photo is of a  20 x 20 colour pencil plus medium on canvas, possibly for entry to the  “Life Aquatic” exhibition in February at Foster, South Gippsland (two birds with one stone?):

mountains to sea2

4 thoughts on “Here comes 2013. A Happy and Productive New Year to everyone.

  1. Thanks Glennis. I may have bitten off more than I can chew…. the design was fairly easy to come up with and to do in colour pencil. However the translation into tapestry is not going well. I am at a sett of 9 per inch – quite tight and yet probably not dense enough to get the curves nicely smooth. It’s pulling in a fair bit – and my colours are, well, a bit lurid!
    I am realising that sett depends not only on the amount of detail one wants, but also on the density of the colour mix. If it’s richer, with more threads to the weft, then the sett has to be wider – which conflicts with the detailing. So a rich colour with great detail needs a larger frame overall – one can’t do it necessarily as a 20 x 20.

    I am sure you will be able to come up with something yourself….

  2. Hi Misha
    Love the design; I have done nothing about designs for anything so far and I am not confident of being able to get any done. Happy weaving to you.

  3. Yes, that’s the grain of the canvas showing through, Mary. I hope this will translate into a tapestry – will know in a few days!

  4. Happy New Year Misha. Why not two birds with one stone? It already looks a little like a tapestry with the lines through it, presumably from the canvas. I like it, hope you get to weave it. I am still not started for that challenge! Have some ideas but they are not developing, maybe because I am not working on them.

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